Bear Necessities Tour

Callisto Environmental Organisation for Wildlife & Nature

We have teamed up with CALLISTO wildlife charity to bring you a 5 and an 8 day tour in Northern Greece. In this tour you will be guided by scientists of the CALLISTO charity learning more about the European Brown Bear (Ursus Arctos) and its research. You will actively assist and follow conservation and wildlife scientists while they conduct research in the wild. At the same time you will hit amazing trails of unspoilt and little known parts of Greece.

Northern Greece
Northern Greece

5 day tour starts in Thessaloniki and takes place in Nestorio in Northern Pindos. This tour includes daily hikes of several hours. One night in thessaloniki and 3 nights in Nestorio.

Wildlife in Northern Greece

The 8 day tour starts in Thessaloniki and visits the mountain areas Rhodopes and Grammos. This tour includes daily hikes of several hours. One night in Thessaloniki, 2 nights in Rhodopes and 4 nights in Grammos (Nestorio).

Kayaking in Rhodopes
Kayaking in Rhodopes

Both tours are offered for groups of 8, 10 & 12 pax +1 group leader.

Prices depend on room type and size of group. Tours offered 01/04 to 31/10 every year.

Price includes all accommodation B/B , English speaking guide, all transfers, and a €75 donation to CALLISTO.

For a detailed schedule of the tours or more information please contact us !

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