3-D Flavours Tour

Apollo – Delphi Museum

Delphi, Dodoni, Dion.

Living Ruins … Cultural impact!

Arachova Village, Formaela Cheese Factory & Cooking Lessons


Day 1: Athens – Arachova

  • Arrival at Athens International Airport
  • Meeting with guide and departure with private coach for Delphi
  • Stop at Arachova for a tour of formaela cheese maker
  • Culinary lessons preparing local dishes for dinner and walk in the village
  • Dinner with local food
  • Overnight in Arachova





Delphi – Archaeological Site & Museum, Greek Botany, Homemade Liquer, Bottaga, Kontosouvli (meat)

Day 2: Delphi

  • Visit to Delphi archaeological site and museum
  • Lunch at traditional restaurant with kontosouvli (local meat plate) and local vegetable appetizers
  • Visit to local honey maker for tour and tasting
  • Visit a bottarga factory for tasting
  • Welcome home made liqueur at traditional lodge on the Naupaktia mountains
  • Dinner preparation followed by short walk in the village
  • Lecture and discussion on Greek botany and products of the area.
Ioannina, Dodoni Archaeological Site, Folklore Museum, Trahanas


Day 3: Ioannina – Peta Village

  • Breakfast preparation and consumption
  • Departure to Ioannina
  • Visit at Agricultural Poultry Cooperative, tour from manager
  • Visit at Peta village to meet the Women’s Agricultural Cooperation and the folklore museum
  • Visit to Dodoni archaeological site and theatre
  • Arrival at Ioannina hotel for learning how to make trahana followed by dinner.

Ioannina – Old Town, Lake Pamvotis, Monasteries by the lake, Sweets made of fruits & syrup, Metsovo, Metsovone Cheese, Averoff Art Gallery

Day 4: Ioannina – Lake Pamvotis – Metsovo

  • Breakfast and learning how to prepare traditional marmalade and syrup sweets
  • Visit Ioannina lake and the monasteries on the lake’s island
  • Lunch by the lake Pamvotis with eel and frog legs and other local delicacies
  • Visit to the old town of Ioannina and departure for Metsovo to visit the factory of Metsovone cheese
  • Check in local hotel
  • Culinary lessons and wine tasting
  • Visit the Averoff painting collection and lecture on wine production procedures followed by dinner



Grevena, Veria, Typical Kafeneio, Botany

Day 5: Grevena – Veria

  • Traditional breakfast and departure for Grevena
  • Coffee stop at local kafeneio and tasting of traditional sweets
  • Visit Kozani botanic co-operative for tasting and a lecture on greek botany and its medicinal uses
  • Arrival in Veria , welcome drink with tsipouro and local cheeses
  • Culinary Lessons followed by dinner in winery estate.


Dion – Archaeological Site & Museum, Hydraulis, Restaurant with live music in the old meat market of Athens


Day 6: Dion – Athens

  • Breakfast based on grape pulp products
  • Departure for Dion for the archaeological site and museum and to see the hydraulis (2nd century) grand-father of the church organ
  • Arrival in Athens and dinner in the old meat market with rebetiko music
  • Overnight in Athens hotel.




Athens – City Tour ( Guards, The Parthenon, Panathenaic Stadium, Adrian’s Arc, Acropolis Museum, Ancient Agora, Temple of Zeus)


Day 7: Athens

  • Greek home made breakfast
  • Guided tour of  the Acropolis and the city
  • Transfer to airport for departure

Each participant will receive:

  • A greengreecegift
  • A certificate of participation


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